You can call Bluebells of Billingham on their local rate contact number 01642 555 705 to place a telephone order, to ask for recommendations for a floral arrangement, or to purchase a flowers for a special occasion such as a wedding.


Store Phone Number – 01642 555 705

You can call Bluebells of Billingham on the store’s contact number 01642 555 705 to place a telephone order for a bouquet of flowers. Callers will be also be able to stipulate a specific design on this number, specifying particular flowers to be included in an arrangement. However, you may prefer to be given recommendations from the florist and can ask what sort of flowers are most suitable for a loved one, or particular occasion, such as a funeral or anniversary. Moreover, you will be able to include a personal message with your order as you place a telephone order with the Billingham florist.

In addition, you should call the Bluebells of Billingham store number 01642 555 705 if you would like to amend an existing order, either to add a floral arrangement to a bouquet or to apply a voucher code. In such case, if you have been given a promotional code then you are advised to ask how to redeem your discount when completing an order online, over the phone or in person. Furthermore, you may wish to use this number for questions about shipping and delivery charges if you choose not to collect your flowers from the florist. By the same token, customers may wish to check any available delivery dates if ordering flowers for a future event, but are advised to do so as early as possible if making a purchase for a popular occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Similarly, Bluebells of Billingham also provides funeral arrangements and floral displays for weddings, including the bridal bouquet.


Information about Call Costs

Telephone numbers that start with a local Billingham area code will cost the same per-minute rate as any geographic call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, Bluebells of Billingham will be free to contact if your landline deal includes free calls to local rate numbers or if your mobile tariff has inclusive free minutes. You will be able to place your telephone order during the florist’s opening hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, 9.30am-4.30pm on Saturdays.


Visiting the Billingham Florist

If you are collecting your flower arrangement from the Billingham florist then you are advised to take note of the following postal address to help plan your journey: Bluebells of Billingham, 100 Queensway, Stockton-on-Tees, Billingham, TS23 2NU, United Kingdom.