Contact Billingham Bags customer services by dialling their UK phone number 01384 412 700 for information about a sale, or to query the location of their international stockists if you are shopping in one of their Canada, Hong Kong, Australia or Singapore markets.


Customer Services – 01384 412 700

Phone Billingham Bags customer services on the following UK contact number 01384 412 700 for all of your product enquiries. For instance, customers can use this number to discuss the difference between the ‘Canvas’ and ‘FibreNyte’ ranges or to ask whether there are any current sales on the store’s line of camera, travel and laptop bags. In addition, callers will be able to ask how to find the serial number on their bag before enquiring about the company’s repairs service. In addition, the customer service number is useful for cleaning and care advice as to ensure you get the most out of your designer bag. Call the Billingham Bags customer services for information on delivery times if you have placed an order on the online store but have not yet received your purchase. You may also wish to ask for a list of Billingham Bags stockists if you are unable to place an order on the online store. Notably, the retailer has stockists in the UK and overseas, with products available to buy in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. By contrast, Billingham Bags can offer information on their returns policy, such as their maximum returns period and whether customers will be entitled to a full refund. Finally, the Billingham Bags contact number 01384 412 700 is useful for anyone who would like to order a catalogue over the phone.


Information about Call Costs

The Billingham Bags customer service number is prefixed with a geographic area code, meaning that will callers will only be charged the same standard per-minute rate as any other local call made from a UK mobile or landline. However, you may be able to contact the designer bag specialist for free if your landline deal provides other free calls to landline numbers or if your mobile tariff has inclusive free minutes.


Email Billingham Bags

If you have been unable to contact Billingham Bags on their UK customer service number 01384 412 700, then you can make your product enquiry, complaint or ask for sales support when sending an email to the following address: